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The Compensation Plan..



The compensation Plan has been broken down into 6 parts

 1.THE FIRST ORDER BONUS: Every person brought in by you entitles you to 10% commission. Having three people under you qualifies you as a team manager and brings in more money.

2.THE FAST START BONUS: This goes from level 2 through to level 12 and you earn 5% commissions and then in the decreasing order from the 5th level on up to the 12th level. 


3.THE TEAM BONUS: The fee paid by all the Bonofa partners for the BAIO+ (Business All-In-One Office)  is paid to the 6 levels at 5% each,  that is 30% of the money goes back into the next 

4.THE INFINITY BONUS: There is the Infinity Bonus which is based on your ranking and the volume of sales generated by the business, and ranges from 2% to 19%.

5.THE CUBE 7 RESIDUALS: 80% of all Cube 7 profits are paid back into the network, and this is infinity-deep, that is you get paid to the umpteenth number of referrals and a VIP member/package is entitled to 100% commissions of the 80% Cube 7 profits. The Cube 7 profits are generated through purchase of music, movies, games, phone apps, shopping, gambling, communication.

6.THE IPO 2017: As a co-entrepreneur, you have a share in all Bonofa companies. You need to collect as many .com points as possible as they will convert into shares on the Bonofa IPO launch. 40% of the IPO’s worth (which is conservatively estimated to be at 15 billion Euros) will be paid back to the Bonofa partners, and this is JUST HUGE


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