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Divvy makes a difference. It can connote the difference between a moment and a memory! Just ask yourself when was the last time you received a postcard? Do you remember the warm feeling this little piece of paper gave you? How about spreading this warmth? It’s easy with divvy. divvy helps you to send out personalized postcards for any occasion. Whether you want to share personal emotions like the joy of a family holiday with those at home, or you want to reconnect with business partners, divvy will take care of it. In addition you won´t have to bother with buying actual stamps and bring your postcard to the mailbox. divvy does it all for you! You purchase divvy-"stamps" online or in the divvy app. divvy then enables you to send the picture you choose, one or multiple recipients. divvy makes social meaningful. divvy creates lasting memories.



Now you´ve got the opportunity to send out a personalized impression of your get-together as a quality postcard. Brand it with your own logo and slogan and make your partners remember you as a reliable business partner. Be remembered – divvy Plus! 






The first step to a successful business is an efficient workflow. FILEBIRD holds the solution and enables sending large files easily and in a self-explanatory way to business partners all over the world – rapid and secure. No guide or training is needed to use FILEBIRD, as we provide an intuitive interface with the smart drag-and-drop function to send your large files. It works exactly as you would expect it to. Embed FILEBIRD into existing business processes and you reduce laborious routine. Projects are completed more rapidly thorough optimized time management. With FILEBIRD, we introduce an intelligent tool for file transfer. You are able to send files that are as big as 3 GB – without any costs.



The use of Filebird is not limited to any occasion. Use Filebird for your business and optimize your efficiency. Use Filebird privately and share memorable moments with those you love! Video´s of the first wary steps of the little ones are now easily shared with those you care about! And, thanks to it´s safety features, only with those you care about!





Visualization is the key to creativity.  Draft and sketch your ideas immediately for your next project. Because a picture speaks more than a thousand words. whiteboard7 works like a simple drawing program, but uses whatever content is displayed on your browser as a digital drawing board. whiteboard7 was designed in order to capture your thoughts.


Create your templates for screenshots and presentations, shape storyboards, design graphics for projects. Free your thinking from any mental barriers and bring your ideas to life with whieboard7. When a simple sketch turns into a great idea, you can be sure whiteboard7 is with you all the way. With whiteboard7 almost any screen content can be layered over with a temporary transparent film by simply importing image files.


You can always resort to the permanently self-updating mini-applications which we supply you as added extras, such as a calculator or a clock. Get your friends and workmates to contribute or share your saved sketches directly via all well-known social media.


Encourage teamwork with a round of real brainstorming, whilst whiteboard7 retains it all. Using your mouse cursor or digital pen, just work with your screen as a digital drawing surface – just like in a real meeting.  The combination of drawing, writing and other useful tools make whiteboard7 a unique tool for creativity. 



Write, sketch and draw, because a picture says more than a thousand words. Whiteboard7 works like a simple drawing program, but displays content on your browser in whiteboard7's digital drawing board.  Create your templates for screenshots and presentations. With whiteboard7 almost any screen content can be layered figuratively with a temporary transparent film.


You can always use the permanently self-updating mini-applications which we supply you as added extras, such as a calculator or a clock.